Taxipixi is a taxi-summoning app primarily based out of New Delhi in India. It started in about 2012 and has been slowly gaining traction over the last 2-3 years and continues to grow everyday. The business has two apps one for the consumer and one for the taxi drivers. It is modelled very close to UBER but with one key difference (till last I opened and when I was approached) . You HAVE to pre-book a taxi atleast 45 minutes before you plan to travel. So you cant flag down a nearby cab on the app, but rather have to tell the system your pickup and drop points. Then this goes out as a push notification to all the drivers who are free at that point and they can pick up the request if they find it suitable. (All taxi apps in india operated in the same way till uber jumped into the fray. 

Screen 1:

This is the screen that would greet you when you opened the app, giving the user immediate access to the one thing he came for into the app, book a cab. You can select the current location or start typing a location in the text box to set the starting/pickup point for cab. Theres a settings icon in the top right but apart from that nothing to distract from the key action on this page. 

Screen 2:

If you do decide to start typing out the pickup address instead of your current location the keyboard pops up along with a few options below the text box. The recent tab shows the last few locations you have used, while in favorites you can save your preferred addresses for quick access. The travel tab will enlist all the nearest location for transport for example airports train stations etc. The popular tab will list out the local attractions and famous places which cab drivers can find very easily and you can have an easy reference point. 

*The "popular" tab was an observation by me over the years of using cabs in india. the cab drivers will invariably ask you for a nearby landmark to confirm the locality. if you are new to the area this tab can be a lifesaver, or atleast save you a few minutes for sure. (you see india can have same names for different localities in the same city, makes for a lot of not-fun situations)

Screen 3:

The third screen is the extension of the third one, and as soon as you enter a few characters of the place you want to input it starts pulling the names from out own database (google api's work underneath) which can be selected with one tap. You the proceed to Drop Off location selection.

Screen 4:

Screen 4 is where the user selects the drop location. It follows the same process as the selection of the pickup location with the different tabs and type to enter textbox. 

Screen 5:

After the user has selected the drop location, we automatically put in the earliest possible date and time that a cab can be allotted to the user (the min time is 45min, since the clock shows 10:07 the earliest we can promise is 10:52 ). Though most of the times the cab driver will call and if the user is ready he will pick them up at the earliest. If the user wants a different time he just has to tap on the field and it will take him to a date and time picker. Otherwise he can proceed to selection of the type of taxi he needs.

Screen 6:

This is the date and time selection screen. Not much to explain here except on clicking done it takes him to the Taxi selection screen rather than the previous screen. 

*in retrospect ... I would have added a description to this page .. something like "Please select date and time for your ride. 

Screen 7:

This screen gives the user the type of taxis available along with their fare. By default we select all the types of taxis available in his city and the user can select or deselect the categories he deems fit. He also needs to provide a phone number and email address if he has not registered yet. After hitting confirm he is taken to a confirmation page and details on how much time will it take to confirm a driver depending on request traffic at that time.